Announcing the 2015 Vann York Car Giveaway Winner!

car giveaway winner

The Vann York Auto Group believes in giving back to the community – especially to our neighbors who already doing their “fair share” or more for those in need. That’s why we’re happy to announce the 14th-annual Vann York car giveaway winner: Patricia Alford, a kindergarten teacher at Fairview Elementary School.

Alford became eligible for the competition by donating 0.6% of her annual salary or one hour’s pay per month to the United Way of Greater High Point. 2015 marked her fifth year of achieving this amazing charitable milestone.

To win the new car, one finalist is selected weekly from a pool of around 4,500 possible participants. Alford was the 10th and final contestant to be called.

As this year’s car giveaway winner, Alford had her choice of a 2016 Honda Fit, a 2015 Chevy Cruze, a 2015 Scion XD, or a 2015 Nissan Frontier. She went with the 2015 Chevy Cruze, a car she’s had her eye on for some time now.

Congratulations to all who donated their time and money to the Untied Way of Greater High Point!

The York Family Gives Christmas Baskets to Employees for the 45th Year

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that cares more for its employees than Vann York Auto Group. All year long, Vann York demonstrates its staff-first focus, but something very special happens every year at Christmastime, something that has been happening for the past 45 years.

the York Family gives

Every holiday season, the York family gives Christmas baskets to every single one of its employees. The baskets are put together by the family itself, including the current president, Greg York, and his sons, Grey and Charles. The baskets are packed full with assorted nuts, Christmas cookies, a variety of fruits like oranges and pineapples, and a whole Honey Baked ham.


The York family gives back to its employees because they care, a fact that’s easy to see when you buy a car from them, and even easier to see when you work for them. As one Vann York employee said, working for Vann York Auto Group is “a blessing,” and there’s no denying that!

Tips for Checking and Filling Your Tires

Tips for Checking and Filling Your Tires

Though checking your tire pressure may seem mundane, it’s actually an important task that will keep you safe on the road and make sure your car is running at its most efficient. At least once a month, follow these simple tips for checking and filling your tires.

Find out your car’s optimal tire pressure. Look in the driver-side doorjamb for a sticker that will give you your car’s vehicle weight restriction and tire information. This information can also be found in your owner’s manual. Skip the information on the wall of the tire, as this tells you the maximum tire pressure for the tire, not the optimal pressure for your car.

Use a tire-pressure gauge. These range from $5 for a basic one to more than $30 for a digital one. Choose the best fit for your needs. You’ll need to remove the dust caps from the tires’ valve stems, and then firmly press the gauge directly on the valve stem for a moment (you’ll hear a release of air). Compare the resulting psi reading to the recommendation found in your doorjamb. Do this for each tire.

Fill or release air to meet your car’s optimal psi. If the psi is more than the recommended amount, press the gauge tip on the valve stem and allow air to leak out until you reach the correct psi. If you need to add air, press the air hose tip firmly to the tires’ valve stems, checking the pressure with your gauge occasionally. When you reach the correct amount of air, re-secure the dust caps.

For more information on tire pressure, visit

If you have concerns about your tires, give us a call at High Point Nissan today!

New Study Reveals Truth About Driver’s Education Effectiveness

driver's edTeaching your teen to drive can be a scary and dangerous experience—good thing there’s driver’s education to help out! So, many people these days spend hundreds of dollars on lectures and driving experiences led by an older, “experienced” retiree.

If you’ve ever spent money on driver’s education classes but wondered if the cost led to an actual difference in driving ability, a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on driver’s education effectiveness has the answer.

According to researchers who studied over seven years of data from seven Nebraska databases, driver’s ed classes help reduce the chance of young drivers receiving traffic tickets and being in accidents. The research suggests that, according to around 150,000 teen drivers who obtained their licenses between 2003 and 2010, those who don’t complete driver’s education are far more likely to receive tickets or be involved in dangerous traffic accidents.

So as appealing as it might seem to save the money and teach your child how to drive on your own, do them a favor and enroll them in driver’s ed. While it’s no substitute to hours of practice on the road—which you should continue to do with your child—it will help them be a safer driver in the long run.

Nissan Claims 200+ Mile Range for Next-Generation LEAF

Nissan LEAF Battery

The Nissan LEAF has been one of the most influential cars of our generation. But now it’s time to get ready for the next generation, and we already know a good deal of what to expect thanks to the Nissan IDS Concept that was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show and some of the tech the automaker is working on at its Advanced Technical Center in Japan.

Let’s focus on the main reason most people are interested in the Nissan LEAF, based on what we’ve seen at High Point Nissan: the battery. The IDS Concept uses a 60-kWh battery with improved chemistry and packaging to help it produce more power while using the same amount of space in the car.

According to Nissan, the next-generation LEAF may be able to push close to 600 km on a single charge, which means it should easily do 200 miles in the U.S. and possibly more than 225 miles thanks to the aerodynamic improvements. Yet, through some wizardry, it would charge in half the time as the current model.

We’re just as amazed as you are.

Get Your Racing Fix with NitroType

Racing Flag

As you might imagine from people who work around cars all day, we enjoy a good race and the smell of burning rubber at High Point Nissan.

But as you may know, actually getting to drive a car at breakneck speeds is usually costly, inconvenient, or downright illegal. Fortunately, you can get your fix for speed in a way that costs nothing at all—in fact, it doesn’t even require a car!

Behold NitroType, a website that lets you race cars against other players by typing text as fast as you can. Other sites like this have existed before, but this one offers a surprising amount of depth. You’ll qualify before heading into a race, making the competition a lot fiercer, and if you sign up you’ll even gain virtual cash to get a sense of your progress, unlocking the ability to customize your car.

All right, so it’s not quite as awesome as the real thing—but it’s still a lot of fun!

Nissan LEAFs Donated to OSU for College of Engineering Shuttle Service

Nissan LEAF

Designing and building a car like the Nissan LEAF is like a dream come true for automotive engineers. Of course, you can’t invent something that’s already been done, but The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering is getting the next-best thing.

Two Nissan LEAFs donated to OSU will be used as shuttles by students in the Center for Aviation Studies. It’ll allow students and staff to travel between the main campus and the university’s airport in a totally clean and quiet way.

The donation was in part prompted by the addition of five new fast charger stations built in Columbus, which can charge the LEAF to about 80% in just 30 minutes. The Center for Aviation Studies and OSU Airport have also helped build two electric vehicle chargers at the airport to support the shuttle service. With a driving range of 107 miles on a fully charged battery, the LEAF is one of our best-selling models at High Point Nissan.

“These LEAF vehicles not only fulfill a transportation need, but they also allow students and faculty to experience firsthand the benefits of going electric, including LEAF’s lower operating costs and fun-to-drive nature,” said Andrew Speaker, director, Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing.