Nissan Global Green Efforts Earn High Ranking

Each year we like to see what companies are doing their parts for going green and helping to protect the earth from pollution and emissions. Well, Nissan global green efforts are enough that they have earned a spot among the top five companies in the world, according to Interbrand.

Interbrand, is an American global branding consultancy that analyzes companies’ sustainability, solutions and methods for their green efforts. They believe, like many others, that changes need to be made in our consuming and producing of products in order to make them more Eco-friendly. The Best Global Green Brands are a way for them to encourage and award companies for their advances.

Nissan Global Green Efforts

The all-electric Nissan LEAF is one of the efforts Nissan is making towards a greener company.

The number four spot for the Best Global Green Brands goes to Nissan, which moved up from number five last year. Nissan global green efforts earned them a Gap Score of +6.6 with an increase in performance for efforts.

“To build range confidence and boost interest in and use of electric vehicles, Nissan is building EV infrastructure in collaboration with other manufacturers and with third-party energy companies,” said Interbrand. Over the next 18 months, charging stations will be installed in major U.S. cities, tripling the current number of recharging devices. Nissan is also working with national governments to support them in their own sustainability goals.”

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Nissan Reveals New International Pickup

While Nissan isn’t exactly known for its rough and tumble pickup trucks, the newly revealed NP300 Navara pickup might change that. While there’s been no information on the details of an American-specific pickup truck release any time soon, the Navara, which is considered a new international pickup for the Japanese carmaker, might give us a bit of a preview of America’s next Frontier.

The Navara will offer two different engine options, depending on the market—a four-cylinder diesel or a four-cylinder gas, both of which displace 2.5 liters. There aren’t specific specs on the gas engine, though the diesel produces a healthy 188 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. Currently, the American-sold Frontier offers 152 hp, so we can probably expect a nice bump from there.

Along with an engine change, the Navara has also seen a change in its exterior styling, indicating that it’s possibly for the Frontier to also exhibit a bit of a facelift. The front fascia is taller, along with a shorter hood with other minimal exterior changes.

Though there isn’t a lot of information about a new Frontier coming to us in the future, this new international pickup might give us a hint at what to expect. In the meantime, High Point Nissan can offer you the current Frontier for all your pickup truck needs.

Improve Your Green Image with the Nissan e-NV200

Nissan has announced that its first all-electric, zero-emissions commercial vehicle—the e-NV200 based on the NV200, the “Taxi of Tomorrow”—will go on sale this October at Nissan dealers throughout Japan.

The automaker hopes to help businesses go green with a quiet and clean electric vehicle that offers all of the features expected of a multi-purpose commercial vehicle, and then some.

The e-NV200’s electric powertrain reduces its operating costs compared to other commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines. It also has the potential to improve a company’s environmental image thanks to its lack of exhaust emissions as well as its low contribution to noise pollution.

Its electric nature also allows it to offer unique features like two power outlets installed in the front-seat side and cargo area, which allows the e-NV200 to become a convenient and safe electrical power source when needed.

The battery pack under the floor also serves to lower its center of gravity, which improves stability as well as cornering capability.

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Nissan Races Hard in the Super GT 2014 Autopolis Round

Super GT 2014 Autopolis RoundNissan successfully monopolized the podium at the Super GT 2014 Autopolis Round, marking the GT-R’s first podium lockout since 1995.

Both qualifying and race sessions took place in great weather conditions with more than 38,000 fans present to watch Nissan race to victory.

Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli, who had placed first on the grid in their #23 MOTUL AUTECH GT-R, made a clean start and began to rapidly pull away from the competition. It remained virtually unchallenged except by the #46 S Road MOLA GT-R driven by Satoshi Motoyama and Masataka Yanagida, until the safety car was dispatched with only a few laps left to go. Nonetheless, both the #23 and #46 managed to hold on to their positions and passed the checkered flag in 1st and 2nd position, respectively.

The #12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R, driven by Hironobu Yasuda and Joao Paolo de Oliveira, had started fourth on the grid. It temporarily fell back to 5th in the first half of the race, but climbed back up to third. A technical issue made it difficult to maintain the position after the safety car period, but Oliveira valiantly held off an assailing Lexus RC F to earn the last step of the podium.

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Warning Lights You Need to Know

Warning lights can be annoying. We tend to look away, pretend it’s not there, and hope it will go away. Unfortunately, it probably won’t go away, and the problem indicated will only get worse and lead to more issues. We are breaking down some of the warning light you should be paying attention to, so next time one of these flashes, you’ll know exactly what it’s trying to tell you.

Warning Lights You Need to Know

Low tire pressure. This light appears as an explanation point inside of parenthesis. Driving on a flat tire or a tire with low pressure can be incredibly dangerous. Pull over right away and determine if your tire is just low on pressure or flat. If it’s low on pressure, you might get away with filling the tire at a gas station until you can get the leak looked at. If it’s flat, put the spare on or call for roadside assistance.

Low battery. This one appears as a battery with a plus and minus sign on either side. This means your battery is in danger of dying. Charge it up t avoid getting stranded, and get into the dealership or shop to determine if it’s time for a new battery as soon as possible.

Brake Fluid Warning. Appearing as an explanation point in a circle inside of parenthesis, this warning indicates something is wrong with your brakes. This warning is serious, as you may have a brake fluid leak or other serious problem. Have this one checked out right away, and have it towed if you notice diminished braking power.

For these and other important warning lights, check out’s list of warning lights you need to know.

Don’t get caught in a bad situation if you can avoid it. Knowing what your car is trying to tell you will keep you and your family safe in the long run!

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US Nissan LEAF Sales Reach 50,000 Thanks to Texas Family’s Purchase

A huge milestone was hit by the US Nissan LEAF sales recently, and we want to share the amazing news with you!

Nissan has now officially sold more than 50,000 of its zero-emissions LEAF—making it the first electric car to his this milestone in the United States. The lucky owners of number 50,000 are the Bolt family of Dallas, Texas.

“Beyond the simple economics of not buying gas, we’ve been impressed with how well the LEAF drives,” explained Todd Bolt, a pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, in a statement. “When we show the LEAF off to family and friends, they’re surprised that the car is so quiet and rides so well. The LEAF does everything we need day-to-day, and given the financial savings, I don’t know why we’d buy another gas car.”

Nissan posted a video about why the Bolts chose the Nissan LEAF and how the electric car market is rapidly growing in Texas.

With this milestone sale, Nissan has now sold over 115,000 LEAFs worldwide. All together, LEAF drivers around the world have driven more than 503 million miles.

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Nissan Partnered with Amazon for the Mystery Locker Promotion

Last week, a giant orange Amazon locker appeared in downtown San Francisco with the hashtag #giantlocker printed on the side. A day later, a Nissan logo was added, but that didn’t help solve the mystery of what’s inside and whether or not Nissan partnered with Amazon for the Mystery Locker Promotion.

Nissan Partnered with Amazon for the Mystery Locker Promotion

This guy found out what was in the #giantlocker, aren’t you interested too?!

Finally, Amazon and Nissan announced it was indeed part of a marketing promotion between the two companies. Passersby are encouraged to post pictures and comments on social media using the #giantlocker hashtag, which gives them the chance to earn codes that will open one of the doors on the locker to win prizes, such as Amazon music downloads.

“One lucky participant will get the surprise of a lifetime when his/her code opens the giant door, and s/he wins a new Nissan Rogue,” a Nissan spokeswoman said.

Last year, Amazon started selling Nissan cars online and even delivered one Nissan Versa Note in a huge Amazon box. Typically, the cars have to be picked up at a dealership. Amazon has had a locker delivery system for about three years now and this giant locker in San Francisco will surely help promote the program. We are sure everyone else is excited to see

If a giant orange Amazon locker appeared where you lived, would you interact with it?