Nissan and Enterprise Partner for College Car-Sharing Deal

Nissan and Enterprise on college campus

Nissan is giving it the old college try: the automaker recently announced that it will be the exclusive provider of Enterprise rental cars on nearly 90 college campuses in the US.

The Nissan and Enterprise CarShare will place about 300 Nissans at various colleges and universities, with certain campuses having as many as 25 vehicles. Students will be able to rent the cars for $5 per hour for all models through 2015.College

“The Enterprise CarShare program offers a convenient way for college students, faculty and staff to enjoy an extended test drive of a wide range of Nissan vehicles and to experience ‘Innovation that excites’ firsthand,” said Nissan US sales chief Fred Diaz.

Nissan’s primary goal is to expose a young demographic to the brand’s model lineup. The hope is that students who are exposed to Nissan vehicles will be more likely to shop Nissan once they’ve graduated, joined “the real world,” and start looking for a car to call their own.

Whether you’re a senior in college or a senior citizen, there’s bound to be a Nissan that’s right for you. Come check out our current inventory here at High Point Nissan today!

Fast and Furious Nissan 350Z for Sale

Although The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift isn’t one of the most popular installments in the F&F franchise, it did still feature more than its fair share of cool cars. One of them, a 2002 Nissan 350Z, is currently being sold by Cheshire Classic Cars, one of the leading classic car specialists in the United Kingdom.

The car is a one-of-a-kind high tune 350Z made by Veilside for the third Fast and Furious film. In the movie, the Fast and Furious Nissan 350Z was driven by the “Drift King” Takashi (played by Brian Tee), who proves his credentials in one memorable scene by perfectly drifting up a parking garage ramp.

The car may be 13 years old, but with only 9,800 miles on the odometer, she’s still got plenty of drifting days ahead of her. Also, the souped up APS twin turbocharged engine, which increases the engine horsepower from 280 to 430 hp, increases the appeal of this $234,709 vehicle.

Of course, if you’d like a Nissan that’s a lot newer (and a lot cheaper), stop by High Point Nissan today and check out our current selection.

Nissan GT Academy Finals Held in Nashville

Racing Flag

Nissan has announced that the U.S. Nissan GT Academy finals would be held in Nashville, Tennessee, where six top performers will be then be chosen to go to Silverstone in the UK for a shot at becoming the next GT Academy champion.

Every year, Nissan tests and recruits new drivers whose previous racing experiences amount to little more than playing Gran Turismo on the PlayStation. Contrary to what one might expect from that premise, it’s been a huge success. The first-ever GT Academy champion, Lucas Ordoñez, was racing in the LMP1 class at Le Mans just earlier this year, and the first U.S. champion, Bryan Heitkotter, has been rocking the Pirelli World Challenge series.

This year, the 20 top virtual drivers are heading to Nashville to compete in the U.S. finals, which include virtual, physical, and on-track evaluations and competitions. The best six will advance to the global finals in Silverstone, where only one will be chosen to start a new racing career.

Now if you’ll excuse us, a few of us will be in the back room at High Point Nissan practicing our virtual skills…

2015 Nissan Murano and Quest Win AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

2015 nissan murano

The 2015 Nissan Murano and 2015 Nissan Quest have won Best in Class awards in AutoPacific’s 19th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA) in the premium mid-size crossover SUV and minivan segments.

The VSAs are based on over 66,000 owner surveys of 2015 model year vehicles that measure satisfaction across a range of 50 key attributes, including fuel economy, interior comfort, performance, styling, convenience, and much more.

Both the Murano and Quest were named best-in-class with a significant margin over their respective second place competitors, which might explain why they’ve been selling so well at High Point Nissan. The Murano in particular was up 73.8 percent just last June.

“These two Vehicle Satisfaction Awards are particularly significant, not only because they represent the voice of our owners, but also because they are for two very different ends of the family vehicle segment – the seven-passenger Quest minivan and the premium Murano crossover,” said Fred Diaz, Nissan’s VP of Sales & Marketing and Operations. “It is also great to see Murano bring home the trophy in the first year of its total redesign for 2015.”

Car Seat Recommendations By The NHTSA

Car Seat Safety

As cliche as it may sound, children are truly precious cargo. As parents, we want to know that they are as safe as can be while traveling in the car. The manner in which a child should be seated in a vehicle changes over time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created updated car seat recommendations for children:


From birth to 12 months, a rear-facing seat is appropriate. These types of seats will have height and weight limits established by the manufacturer.
From the ages 1 to 3, you can keep your child in the rear-facing seat as long as he or she doesn’t violate the limits.


Once your child has outgrown the rear-facing seat, he or she is ready for a forward-facing seat with a harness. Again, your child should continue to use the forward-facing seat until he or she outgrows the height and weight limits of the seat.


It’s time for a booster seat when the forward-facing seat is no longer valid. The NHTSA recommends that you “keep your child in a booster seat until he or she is big enough to fit in a seat belt properly.” That means that the lap belt lies across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt lies across the shoulder and chest.


You can find a helpful chart here.  Check out Vann York’s High Point Nissan’s lineup of new Nissan’s with impressive safety features!

Nissan Truckumentary Chapter Six Hits The Interweb

The latest chapter of the Nissan Truckumentary should prove interesting to the kind of truck-owner that regularly hauls a lot of heavy loads. The Nissan Truckumentary Chapter Six is entitled “Diesel Goodness.”


The 2016 Nissan Titan XD will feature a 5.0-liter V8 Cummins Turbo Diesel engine. It’s clear from chapter six of the “truckumentary” that the Nissan Titan design and engineering team clearly understands the unique power of diesel.


“It’s that feeling that engine always has more to give,” according to Rich Miller, director of product planning for Nissan. It was essential that the Titan feature a diesel option.


Of course, a truck as well-designed as the Titan necessitated a diesel engine that could do it justice. Nissan found that in the Cummins Turbo Diesel. The Cummins lends the Titan “instant credibility,” said Peter Luttenbacher, product planning Nissan. Jeff Caldwell, general manager at Cummins, explained that the Cummins diesel is the “right balance of fuel economy, power and performance” for the Titan XD.

Nissan “TITAN Truckumentary” Chapter 6: Diesel Goodness

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 6, 2015) – The sixth chapter of Nissan’s “TITAN TRUCKUMENTARY” delves into the relationship between Nissan and Cummins, Inc., the storied engine manufacturer that has played a pivotal role in bringing the 2016 TITAN XD to life.

Nissan April Sales Indicate a Record-Breaking Year

New Nissan Rogue

This year is looking to be one of Nissan’s best, if reports that reveal the automaker’s record-breaking April sales are any indication. Nissan sold exactly 109,848 vehicles over the course of last month, setting their U.S. record.

The largest contributors to these stellar sales – within a particularly strong lineup of models, of course – were the new Rogue and Murano vehicles, which have been recently updated.

Plus, most Infiniti utility vehicles saw serious growth in April, compared to April 2014, adding to the impressive figures. Infiniti as a brand saw an increase of 8.8 percent compared to last year, overall.

Later this year and early next, the launch of the newest Nissan Titan will certainly keep these company-wide trends going.

It’s no surprise to us that the Nissan April sales were so high, and we assume that the numbers will stay record-breaking throughout the year. What do you think? Let us know your thought sin the comments.