Available 2016 Nissan 370Z Bose Sound System Enhances Engine Sounds


The Nissan 370Z is a sports car that comes with lots of value and performance from its V6 powered drivetrain, but starting next year it will offer a tighter knit connection between the car and driver.

A new feature called Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) will be included in the 2016 Coupe Touring, Sport, Sport Tech, and NISMO trim models. The technology behind ASE is provided by the Bose speaker array those models will sport.

Bose has been on the cutting-edge of Active Noise Canceling (ANC) with its headsets perfected in noisy jet cockpits and in loud NFL stadiums. The ANC system works by eliminating sound waves by recording their wavelengths with microphones and then transmitting the same frequencies in reverse from the Bose speakers. This is now used in the Nissan 370Z Bose Sound system to cut down on low-frequency road and engine noise.

While the ANC cancels undesirable droning sounds, the ASE preserves the high performance engine sounds by re-introducing it into the car through the speakers.

The net effect is to give the driver a better sense of acceleration sounds through the speakers while reducing extraneous noises. This feature is one you should be sure to check out in person at High Point Nissan.

Speed of a Sports Car, Cost of a Sedan: The New 2016 Maxima Design

The new Maxima made a show-stopping entrance during the New York Auto Show, the worldwide premiere for the latest 4-door Toyota sports car. The 2016 model has been redesigned inside and out, and features an array of performance enhancing options.

The new model is unlike any other sedan on the road, offering drivers the high-adrenaline thrills of a sports car and the practicality and efficiency of a sedan. According to Nissan, the 3.5-liter V6 engine under the hood generates a whopping 300 hp while still maintaining 30 mpg highway.

“This all new model was designed and engineered here in America…and will build on the Maxima’s standing as the longest-running and most recognizable nameplate in Nissan’s lineup,” said Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan. “The new Maxima is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.”

The 2016 Maxima design has been completely overhauled front to back. The new model has V-Motion front end styling, boomerang headlights, kick-up C-pillars, and a unique floating roof appearance. On the inside drivers can experience NissanConnectSM, satellite radio, Wi-Fi, and an array of dynamic driving technologies.

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Nissan Ranked Among Top 100 Best Employers in America

Happy Employees

Building great cars is all well and good, but more and more customers are taking in account the reputation of companies before they buy their products. Why would you want to support a company with sleazy business practices, even if they do make good products?

That’s why at High Point Nissan, we’re proud to say that Nissan has just made Forbes’ list of the top 100 best employers in America, which is a testament to how much the automaker cares about people and not just the money it can get from them. In fact, Nissan was one of only two car manufacturers that finished in the top 100.

The list was put together based on an independent survey of 20,000 American employees working for large U.S. companies and institutions, asking them whether they’d recommend their employer, or any other employer’s in the industry, to a potential employee (all anonymously, of course).

“Nissan has been able to achieve the kind of rapid growth that we’ve enjoyed in the U.S. because of the hard work and dedication of our more than 22,000 team members,” said Scott Becker, senior vice president, Administration and Finance, Nissan North America. “While adding more than 9,000 U.S. jobs since mid-2011, Nissan is committed to creating a positive workplace with strong benefits for our employees,”

Nissan’s Glow-in-the-Dark Leaf Takes on First-Ever Glowing Highway

Nissan LEAF

For no reason other than the fact that things that glow-in-the-dark are way cool (especially cars that glow-in-the-dark), we present to you: Nissan’s glow-in-the-dark Leaf on a glow-in-the-dark highway.

Remember back in February, when we told you that Nissan was experimenting with glow-in-the-dark paint on the Nissan Leaf? Well, now Nissan has taken that ridiculously-cool Leaf, driven it down the world’s first glowing highway, and made a video for our viewing pleasure.

The famous luminescent highway is located in Oss, Netherlands, where a 600-meter stretch of the N329 highway features Glowing Lines. The Glowing Lines absorb sunlight during the day, then glow for up to eight hours in the dark. The unique project enhances visibility and safety, and reduces costs associated with the energy that would otherwise be required from street lights.

Here at High Point Nissan, we want to know what you think. Is there a future for glow-in-the-dark cars and highways, or is this no more than a publicity stunt?

2016 Nissan GT-R Pricing Announced, Limited Edition Also Available

Nissan GT-R

Nissan recently released the 2016 Nissan GT-R pricing list, and the tag will remain the same for three models. In addition to pricing, Nissan also unveiled its 45th Anniversary Gold Edition that will be available to a limited number of buyers.

Although pricing remains the same, three of the Nissan GT-R’s got quite a few enhancements. The GT-R Premium and Black Edition will generate an additional five horsepower, so they’re now rated to produce 550 horsepower. The GT-R Premium will also feature new 20-spoke wheels, replacing 10 spoke wheels from the year before. Finally, a new 45th Anniversary Gold Edition will be available with; you guessed it, a unique gold paint job named “Silica Brass.”

The new Gold Edition was built in celebration of the 45 year history of one of the world’s favorite super-cars. A unique gold VIN plate will be located inside the new edition’s engine, and there will be a celebratory plaque located on the interior center console.

To see the 2016 Nissan GT-R pricing list, or learn more about the new Gold Edition, click here!

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Infiniti, Nissan Sales Overtake Honda

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Motors has pushed past Honda for the second month in a row. The two Japanese rivals have always been competitive but this time, Nissan has its luxury brand to thank. Infiniti sales jumped 20%. Nissan sales were up 2.7%.

“I think you’re going to see pent-up demand due to all the things that happened in the Northeast with ice storms,” senior vice president of Nissan sales and marketing Fred Diaz said. “I think a lot of people didn’t come in [to showrooms in February] and are going to be back this month.”

In all, Nissan sold 106,777 vehicles in the month of February compared to Honda’s 92,474. Acura, Honda’s premium brand, boosted its sales as well, selling 12,992 vehicles. Infiniti sold 11,659 vehicles. The luxury brand found its small and midsize sedans selling the best. 1,643 Q40s hit streets, a 77% increase from a year ago. 3,649 Q50s were sold as well, an 11% increase from last year.

The Nissan Rogue sold 21,419 units, up 25% from February 2014. The increasing sales of crossovers is an ongoing trend across the United States. The Versa and Sentra also saw sales gained, marking up 16% and 24% respectively. With sales increasing and Honda seemingly slipping, Nissan may be able to hold the lead for March as well.

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New Nissan Sway Concept Ready to Revolutionize Compact Segment

While there might not be an official award for it, most auto shows have a clear winner—a vehicle that rises above the field and becomes the talk of the town (and the internet) for the week. At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, that vehicle is the Nissan Sway concept, which shows the Nissan brand moving in a direction to revolutionize the compact car segment. The Sway is purely a concept car—so don’t expect to see it in your driveway—but you will certainly recognize its influences in future Nissan small cars.

The Sway is built on a “deformed X-structure” platform; it has an all-new front grille, a graceful but steeply sloping body design, and even a large sunroof panel. The Sway has the look of a perpetual motion machine, its aggressive, low-slung design pushing it forward—both on the road and into the future.

It wears a special “bluish dawn grey” accented with a metallic orange color to make the new styling look even more vibrant. The Sway builds on the legacy and success of the IDx concept that was revealed at the 2013 Tokyo motor show. Come see us here at High Point Nissan to see the current small car lineup and imagine how the Sway might influence that lineup in the future!